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Construction and Demolition Waste Processing Plants

We Provide consultancy to Develop and Establish Construction and Demolition waste processing plant. A plant of 100 TPD capacity to process Construction and Demolition waste has been established by Indore Municipal Corporation under our consultancy and supervision
Owing to growth in construction and development, it is expected that C&D waste generation in India will increase multifold. If measures to minimize and handle the C&D waste are not developed and efficiently adopted, it may threat environment . C&D waste
minimization and handling are necessary in view of limited landfill space and increasing quantum of demolition waste otherwise there may be issues related to handling the waste and finding space for landfilling. This will cause an extra burden on solid waste management plans, which are already looking for new ways to fight with the growth in municipal solid waste due to increase in urban population and developments in the country.3Rs policy and use of waste minimizing technologies and reuse of materials should be adopted to minimize C&D waste. Recycling of C&D waste by converting it to aggregate may offer dual benefit of saving landfill space and reduction in extraction of natural raw material for new construction activities, leading towards  sustainable development.