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Eco Pro Environmental Services

About us

Eco-Pro was incorporated in 1992 for the purpose of rendering consultancy and turnkey services in field of Environment and Pollution control. Eco Pro has been growing with consolidated planning and objective with vision of clean, green & healthy environment. Eco Pro Environmental Services is empaneled with Ministry of Urban Development as Solid Waste Management Consultant under Swachh Bharat Mission. Eco Pro has been Project Management Consultant to Indore Municipal Corporation - The Cleanest city on India in Swachh Survekshan 2017 2018 and 2019.

Key Services

Municipal Waste Management

We have provided consultancy to more than 300 Urban Local Bodies in the field of Municipal Waste Management.

We are Project Design and Management Consultant of Indore Municipal Corporation for design and implementation of Integrated Solid Waste Management Project under Swachh Bharat Mission. 

Eco Pro has the experience and the expertise to:

  • Preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPR)
  • Waste Characterization, Quantification and Composition Studies
  • Designing of the system of Collection, Transportation & Disposal of MSW.
  • Designing of Waste Transfer Station
  • Designing of Recycling & Compost Plant
  • GIS & Computer-Optimized Routing of vehicles
  • Mobile App based Door to Door Collection and Transportation System
  • Collection, Transfer, Disposal and Processing Procurement Assistance
  • Preparation of Bid-documents.
  • Public Awareness and IEC program.
  • Design of Sanitary Landfill
  • Composting plants and Waste To Energy plants.
  • Comprehensive Sanitation planning for Urban and Rural areas.
  • Devise Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model for Solid Waste Management and Sanitation.



Bio-medical Waste Management

We "Hoswin Incinerator P Ltd." have developed Madhya Pradesh First and biggest Common Biomedical waste treatment facility. We are pioneers and leaders in the field of Bio-Medical Waste Management. This facility has been operational from last 10 years.

We have provided consultancy and turnkey services to establish many Bio-Medical Waste Facilities (CBWTF).

To set up a Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Facility (CBWTF) to its maximum perfection, care shall be taken in choosing the right technology, development of CBWTF area, proper designing of transportation system to achieve optimum results etc.

These key features of CBWTF designing are addressed by us while designing a CBWTF. Our designs satisfy all norms set by MoEF and CPCB for setting up of CBWTF including infrastructure, plant and machinery.

Bio-remediation of old dump sites

About 62 million tones of urban waste is generated in India every year, 43 million TPA garbage is collected, 11.9 million is treated and 31 million is dumped without sorting-into open and uncontrolled landfill sites. As the garbage decomposes, methane is generated and is released into the atmosphere which is extremely harmful for health and has 23 times more global warming potential than carbon dioxide.

One effective way of tackling landfills is through Bio-mining. Bio-mining is a very simple scientific technique used in clearing landfills. Scientifically, garbage collected should pass through material recovery facility and the rejects should be disposed to secured landfill. But in India, most of the ULBs have no such facilities, and garbage gets directly dumped into unsecured landfill.

Bioremediation and Biomining of waste involves disinfection treatment to ward off pathogens and mal-odors , the excavated waste is treated layer by layer. It is further subjected to bio-inoculants treatment for bio thermal stabilization so that purifying component of waste is bio converted into earthen material/ bio earth for re use in landscaping.

Through the process of screening recyclable materials are separated for further re-use / disposal. The inert material obtained can be utilized in landfilling.

We have successfully Completed the project of  Biomining and reclaimation of land of old dump site waste at Gaziabad, Indore, Sada Goa and Ujjain .